As I reminisce about the past year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for supporting De-Sign of the Times and visiting on a regular basis.

My life has been forever enlightened and I am truly grateful for the wonderful new relationships that I have made with my readers/followers and new friends.

At the moment, I am sitting in my STUDIO thinking about my New Year's Resolutions. This is something that I typically do not rush into. I usually like to spend the first week of the year rolling some ideas around in my mind.

Does your Resolution List for 2017 look like this????? ......

1.  Join the Gym - Exercise 5 x per week
2.  Lose Weight - 25 lbs min
3.  Become a Chef
4.  Eat Better
5.  Take in an Art Class
6.  Learn to Play the Piano
7.  Learn to Sing
8.  Remodel the whole house
9.  Spend more time with the family
10.  Spend more time with friends
11.  Get more Organized
12.  Learn to speak French, Italian, German
13.  Take part in an Ironman/woman event
14.  Learn to Sew, Knit, Surf, Ski
15.  Climb Mount Everest
16. Become a Brain Surgeon


Isn't this exactly what we do to ourselves?

We set ourselves up for failure right at the start of the New Year by setting WAY too many unrealistic, completely unattainable goals. By years end, we are depressed and feel like losers because we haven't been able to fulfill most/any of them. I have been guilty of this myself in the past. 

This year let's take a healthier approach by adopting smaller, manageable and realistic goals that will enrich our lives, ones that you can truly commit to and therefore translate into sustainable lifestyle changes. Sometimes it’s just one very tiny thing that will ease your every day experiences.

Personally, I have one main resolution/goal for this year. It is to Improve my overall Health. Having experienced a few health challenges over the past few years, this is a really important priority for me! Now, I am not going to make myself crazy by setting anything in stone but there are a few things I want to change/improve in my life right now to help me achieve this resolution and I would like to share them with you.

Maybe these are changes you might also like to incorporate into your life as well. I would love for you to join me on this journey in realizing these goals. 

They are ......

1. Well let's face it, practically everyone wants to shed at least a few pounds.  So do I.  I plan on incorporating in my life some form of physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day. Studies show that this can be achieved in 10 -15 minute increments and does not have to be performed all at once with the same benefits.  This for me is a doable, realistic and sustainable goal. I am not someone who spends hours and hours watching TV each day but a half an hour away from my computer (I spend way too much time in front of the computer, as you probably do as well) will do wonders at benefiting my/your overall health.  

I practiced Yoga many years ago and enjoyed all of its health benefits such as relieving stress, increasing flexibility ~very important especially as we age, and keeping you fit. I just purchased a Yoga DVD by Elena Brower which has a 30 minute AM sequence ~ to invigorate, tone and revitalize and a 30 minute PM sequence ~ to release, balance and stretch your body. I love it!!  

Of course, walking is another great way to add physical activity to your day, while connecting with nature, and spending quality time with your family, friends etc. I plan on doing more of this as well.  

2.  Although I eat fairly healthy, I would still like to make improvements in this department.  I want to eliminate all processed foods entirely, (hubby will not be happy) because as you know, processed foods are chock full of sodium, MSG and additives which are definitely not good for your health. Additionally, I would like to add some meatless dinners to our meals each week, prepare more RAW dishes and enjoy more organic fruit and vegetables.  We plan on adding a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse to our backyard this spring so we will have our very own abundant supply. I can't wait!!! I wrote this post about these amazing domes a few weeks ago. 

If adding RAW is something you are interested in doing, here is an amazing RAW food cookbook that I have added to my kitchen library.  I fell in love with it and you will too.  Live Raw was written by lovely, lovely Mimi Kirk, who is 78 going on 26!! Clearly Mimi practices what she preaches.  Not only are the recipes raw, they are gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian.

I have enjoyed many of the spectacular recipes in this book.  You can also find Mimi on YouTube creating many of her recipes or you might want to check out her website to learn more about her.  Mimi is travelling the world lecturing and sharing the benefits of her Live Raw lifestyle. She is a wonderful person and is absolutely fascinating!! Someone, I would really enjoy meeting.   

Pics - courtesy of Amazon

3.  Enjoy more downtime and having some fun is the last of the changes that I would like to share that I feel will positively contribute to benefiting my overall health. Do you feel like you are on a never-ending treadmill?  Well you are not alone.  Most people do not take the time to recharge their batteries and are walking around as sleep and rest deprived zombies.  It does eventually catch up to you.  So, my plan is to spend more time relaxing. Relaxation translates into a multitude of different things for different people. To some it means couch potatoe time and watching TV.  I also enjoy sitting on the couch by the fire in the living room with hubby watching a fabulous film while enjoying a lovely glass of wine but for me it also means reading, playing the piano, talking on the phone to friends and family, having dinner parties, going to dinner parties. Just plain old fun!

We would love for you to share with us your goals for Sustainable change in 2017 and learn how they will transform the quality of your life!! 

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