My new love is live edge tables and I would really love one in my kitchen/dining area. 

Live Edge refers to the natural edge of the lumber or slab under the bark. Many of the slabs that are available, are either a full or partial live edge and a combination of straight and natural edges and often consist of multiple slabs connected with butterfly joints called inlays. These inlays are used to reinforce areas that have been weakened by cracks, knots or large bark pockets.

George Nakashima was a highly recognized furniture designer/architect and well known for making pieces from raw wood left in its natural state. What most woodworkers saw as imperfections he saw as beauty.  His tables, chairs and cabinets typically were made from slabs of free-edged wood and very organic in nature. Mr. Nakashima died several years ago but his vision has been carried on by his daughter Mira at Nakashima Studios in Pennsylvania.

This coffee table piece is an example of his work which shows the bark live edge.

Picture courtesy of Nakashima Studio

Jeffery Greene another seriously talented and highly respected furniture designer whom I have recently discovered and admire, also designs live edge furniture and was influenced by the work of George Nakashima. 

It would be absolutely impossible for me to choose one of his tables as I am completely blown away by all of them.  These tables are like nothing that I have ever seen before; each is an exquisite piece of art.

I would like to share a few examples of his work and I am certain you will agree with me!

Silver Monolith Base - Live Edge Dining Table 
(I would like this as my Board Room Table)

Clear plexiglass leg base - Dark Finish Live Edge Dining Table 
(This one would work perfectly in my kitchen/dining area - I want it!!!!)

                                         Clear plexiglass leg base - Light Finish Live Edge Dining Table

Golden Forest Base (SOLID CAST BRONZE) Live Edge Dining Table
 (Actually, I wouldn't mind this one either. Just love the forest base, comes in silver as well)

Live Edge Book Matched - Buried Black Walnut Slab

All photos - courtesy of Jeffery Greene.

Sentient is located in Brooklyn, New York and is a furniture design and fabrication company. Their work is also incredible. Here are a few examples.

These last two photos show examples of the butterfly inlays referred to above. 

Photos - courtesy of Sentient

                                     We would love to hear from you.  Which are your favourites?

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