ABOUT .... De-Sign of the Times Blog

De-Sign of the Times Blog was created as an extension of Soulier Design Studio which specializes in Eco Friendly Design and Products. 

This Eco-Lifestyle Blog was created to help our audience and clients grow to understand the importance AND increase the awareness and means of living a Sustainable, Green and Healthy Lifestyle.
Our daily Lifestyle Series will include motivational thoughts, ideas and solutions as well as a few great recipes thrown in for you to enjoy!  Other post topics will include Interior Design ideas + Spaces, Eco Conscious + Wellness products, the latest trends and DIY projects; all focused on Sustainable/Green Living.
Adopting a sustainable living lifestyle not only will have a positive impact on your Earth (exterior environment) but will also help to nourish your health and well being (inner environment).
I invite you to join me on this fabulous journey as we create our own personal oasis and our very best and healthy lifestyle!

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