Today is Mother's Day!! 

A day to celebrate all mother's, motherhood and the glorious bonds between their children.....

A day of tribute to show our extreme gratitude for all that they have done for us......

So many of our values, thoughts, habits have been forever imprinted in our lives from the teachings learned as children from our Mothers.....

Mother's Day can be an extremely difficult time for those remembering their loved ones.  On a personal note, my siblings and I, lost our mother 39 years ago.  It seems like an absolute eternity. I was just a teenager but I still live my life by so many of the wonderful lessons that my mother instilled in me and so do my siblings.  As I become older, I realize how they have truly impacted and enlightened my life. The most magnificent life lesson that comes to mind is to be respectful to others. It is my belief that if more people paid attention to just this one life lesson, the world would be a much better place.

I can hear my mom saying to me, just like it was yesterday, to always be kind and courteous and to consider other peoples feelings. To always be polite, not discriminate and to respect peoples differences.  My mother's wise words of wisdom have resonated with me my entire life and I too have passed them down to my children.

Motherhood for me has been my life's greatest gift. My beautiful son and daughter, now adults, have grown up to be truly amazing, wonderful people. I could not be happier!!

If you are fortunate enough to be able to share this wonderful day with your mother and show appreciation for her support and guidance through life's many challenges, or if you are a Mother yourself, I wish you the most spectacular Mother's Day possible. Kick up your feet, celebrate being a Mother and enjoy your breakfast in bed on this SLO MO Sunday. (I had a lovely and delicious French Toast breakfast in bed compliments of hubby this morning)

If you are remembering your Mother today, it is my wish for you that her memory cradles you and brings you great comfort.

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