We had an amazing, powerful summer storm last evening and quite a lot of rain fell. This morning while sitting in my car but still in the driveway, I noticed a mother with her small child walking up the street.  They stopped on their way to play in the puddles.  It was such a beautiful time they were sharing. First the mother would jump into the puddle and then the small child and they would repeat this over and over again. Their laughter was contagious and I found myself giggling out loud.  As I drove to my destination, the image of them having fun and splashing each other in the rainwater kept playing in my mind like a movie. 

I started to think about the last time I had fun playing in a puddle.  I really cannot remember. If I had to guess,  I would say it was probably at least 25 plus years when my children were very small (please don't do the math) and before that it would have been when I was a little girl.  

Then I gave some further thought to this and I asked myself; why as we age do we archive these fun activities that we enjoyed so much as children? There is no law or rule that says that Puddle Fun is only for the young is there? Why do we become so serious?

So, this posting comes with a little assignment for all of you.  The next time it rains I would love it if you would put on your rubber boots or not if you are a tad more adventurous and prefer your bare feet, then run outside and have some PUDDLE FUN.

Enjoy Yourself!!

photo - pinterest

appears to be more like a flood than a puddle but they are having so much fun they don't seem to really care    

photo - google 

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