Breathe Easy Interior Design Part ll continues our look at Eco friendly products that you can introduce into your home to create a healthier environment for your family. These products prove that you can go green without sacrificing style.

While at the Interior Design Show I was introduced to this fabulous WALL COVERINGS product called Modular Arts.  These repeating modules (panels, tiles, blocks) can be placed in any area, or size of area in your home or office.  Low in VOC's, they ensure the use of responsible, tested materials and have been designed for less crating waste, superior fire safety, indoor air quality, and ease of handling and installation.

Modular Arts collection of products, add wonderful architectural features to your space. With interlocking edges, the installation is quick, accurate and superior in stability. .

As you can see, there are unlimited applications and styles for this product.

The panels are white but can be painted to match your d├ęcor.

This product - InterlockingRock Blocks create fully dimensional, double-sided, rock walls. This photo illustrates how you can create spaces within a space but allow light to flow through. 


I am absolutely crazy, nuts about this artist's work and I am sure you will be also.  Alex Turko creates the most elegant, creative, decorative art panels which allow art to be placed in areas of your home, office etc. that you would not normally find art.  Showers, steam rooms, pools and any wet area. The  panels are completely waterproof due the use of epoxy resin which is solvent free and non-toxic.  Best of all they install and are cleaned easily and will not yellow over time. Water and sun do not damage these works of art and can be installed indoors or out.
Here are a few examples of Alex Turko's work and the many applications.

A fabulous backdrop for a bathroom; accessorizing it with intense colour!

What an amazing backdrop for a pool 

Talk about a great conversation piece in your dining room!

  The above panel looks like a huge slab of Onyx. Love it.

Great focal point in this spa-like bathroom

 Modern and Dramatic and no grout to clean ( a serious pet peeve of mine )

Amazing backsplash and easy to maintain in this wonderfully sleek kitchen ( no spaghetti sauce in the grout)

Did I happen to mention I am not a fan of grout??

So you see, it is possible to have a beautiful and eco friendly home; one which supports the earth and your health.

Part l of Breathe Easy Interior Design can be found here. Enjoy!
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