Currently, temperatures are not too cold making this the perfect time to begin exterior holiday decorating.  Stringing Christmas lights and making decorative urns/wreaths is so much easier when your fingers are not frozen!

I thought I would share with you, some fairly easy DIY projects to help make your home look festive and inviting for the Holiday Season!!

I have been making these swags for the past few years for my front door instead of a wreath.  They are a super easy and chic way to make a great first impression.

Photo | courtesy of Good House Keeping
With some floral wire, marry some fragrant greenery — yew, holly, spruce, and eucalyptus.  I use some craft glue and a wooden sticks/skewers to glue the ornaments on. Then push the skewers into the boughs.  Use some fabulous bow tied satin ribbon to finish and Voila an amazing swag for your door or windows.  If you have all the supplies at hand, this can be made in 1/2 an hour!!

Photo | Courtesy of Old town Home Pinterest

Love this idea and super easy to make using magnolia leaves, greenery, ornaments and a bow. 

Photo | Courtesy of Pinterest
This super easy DIY double duty urn can stay out for the Holiday Season and continue to welcome guests all winter.  A wooden urn has been used in this picture, some boxwood, shiny ornaments and some cedar boughs. 

A Fabulous Urn at Sheridan Nurseries.

Chock full of greens, hydrangeas, berries.  As you can see, this would not be a difficult DIY project. The key is a lovely urn or pot of your choice and then layers of different types of greenery, berries, flowers, pine cones and ornaments for texture. Then add some height and visual interest with dogwood branches, long twigs or fallen birch.  

Here is another which is quite similar but with the addition of some birch and colourful ornaments.

I do this same type of thing but in window baskets. Luckily, I have a forested area behind my home and can collect everything I need for them. Bonus! Here is the tutorial for these baskets.

Photos | Soulier Design Studio

Loved this magical tree.  Price tag........ $6999.99 Yikes!!

Needless to say, that even with my designer discount, this did not come back to the Studio with me!

Sheridan Nurseries is definitely the perfect destination for all of your Holiday Decorating. They stock every type of greenery imaginable as well as, birch, boxwood, pine cones, wreaths, Christmas Trees and decorations, urns, lights etc. This afternoon, I spent a lovely couple of hours with a friend browsing this spectacular Winter Wonderland! 

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