I have always tried to keep up with the world events.  

Each day, I would sit at my computer with my morning coffee and read the news, however, I now realize that I feel better when I don't. 

The majority of what you read or all that is published these days is the BAD stuff and it really can shift your mind set.  Positive thinking is pretty difficult when you keep hearing about all the heartache, wars, hunger, stabbings and murders going on in our world. 

NEGATIVITY always seems to be the headliner.

It seems that as a society we are taught to dwell on the negative in life and ourselves which can be super destructive and extremely draining. It is like a drug that constantly needs to be fed and sucks out all of your energy.

By allowing NEGATIVITY to resonate in our lives we begin to undervalue ourselves and our accomplishments. 

Listen, we live in a crazy world. We all have stuff that happens in our lives. I am not suggesting that you walk around in a la la fantasy land with rose coloured glasses pretending that everything is wonderful and lovely. But if you just step back for a moment and analyze your life, you will pleasantly discover that there are many reasons to celebrate!   


that you are gainfully employed; many are not 

your birthday; the birthday of a friend 

 a special anniversary 

your wedding 

 the birth of a child; a grandchild 

the love of friends and family 

a new job; a job promotion 

your health and well being 

a new home

the list is really endless... 

Remember that by changing your mindset and focus to a more positive one will result in a complete shift in your life and the way in which you view things. 
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So ... What are you celebrating today?

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