With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season peeking their heads around the corner, I have been reminiscing about my childhood and the gathering of family and friends.  There has always been twenty-four hours in a day, but somehow years ago, it seems we had more time for getting together for social occasions. 

I remember when families would sit down at the dining table and engage in conversation sharing the highlights of their day. Then go out for a lovely evening walk, or sit on the front verandah and chat with the neighbour's. Speaking of verandahs; the front of many homes were built with them years ago which also supported the interaction of neighbour's.

Another fond memory, was friends dressing up and gathering regularly for a dinner party, a pot luck or a game of bridge rotating the get together times at each others homes. 

As a society, we just don't do that very much anymore.

When my children were growing up, sitting at the dining table was something we did each evening with no distractions of television or video games just good old fashioned conversation.  After dinner I would play the piano and we would sing up a storm!  This is what memories are made of.

Modern times seems to have really shifted our priorities and many of these special times have been lost. It seems our social time now is jammed into the 140 characters posted on Twitter and if we want to see our friends we view them on Facebook.  We simply do not take the time to " KICK BACK ON THE WEEKEND" and commit to get-together's with family and friends. 

Everyone seems too busy doing their own thing. 

Not only does spending time with others feel so good, it actually has been found to improve our health while combating the negative effects of stress.  With our hectic lives these days we sure need to do whatever we can to REDUCE our stress levels!

So, it's still early in the day.  Why not plan an impromptu party and make some fun plans for this evening to spend some quality time with your friends, family or both!!

Here is some Inspiration for you ...................Enjoy! 

 a night on the town with FRIENDS - pinterest

some great food and conversation -  pinterest

how about a game of cards - pinterest

or perhaps singing a few tunes gathered around the piano - pinterest  

hey this looks like fun....... 

set up a backyard movie theatre, light some candles, string up some lights and pop some corn  

photo - courtesy of A Crimson Kiss 

top of your evening with a fabulous cocktail 

Have a SPECTACULAR Weekend whatever you do!!!!  

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